API 600 Pressure Seal Gate Valve

The pressure seal valve gate is made for high-pressure and high-temperature applications in all fluids, with the exception of when coking might happen.
Your selection of material and design would make pressure seal gate valves suitable for environments in nuclear steam generating stations, industrial or chemical plants, and thermal power plants.
Some companies may find it interesting to know that a pressure seal valve will be the most efficient for use in flow passage and sealing and is also a great weight saving. It can also be easy to install and maintain which makes for great appeal.
Pressure seal gate valve design code:
The pressure-seal gate valves conform to the ASME B 16.34 and API 600 standards.

Pressure seal bonnet Design
The segmental thrust ring provides a barrier to the outside surfaces of the disk so that any forces applied to it are always directed inwards and not outwards.304 or 316 stainless steel with a high-density graphite gasket. That’s why it can be removed without damaging the sealing surface, where it can be changed anytime

A flexible wedge compensates for distortion from things like thermal expansion or piping loads. It fits into body seats, providing flexibility during the installation of a new heating or plumbing system.
Thanks to the ring and wedge design, your feet are less likely to slip off or brush up against them when opening or closing the stool.
The gate is a split design, consisting of two discs that are spring-loaded. That’s held together by a gate-holder with an included corrosion-reservoir spring. They provide the initial energy to push them together when closed. High seat tightness is achieved by placing the gate on the downstream seat. This means that there’s no wedging action or extra loading and as a result, so operating torque is considerably lower. During closing, the bottom of the gate is beveled to guide it in between the seats. This ensures that all of the energy in the spring is compressed and hard-faced with Stellite6 steel to provide a long cycle life in high-pressure differential service
Cast steel:A216 WCB, WC6, WC9, A352 LCB;Stainless steel: A351 CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M;Duplex steel :A995 4A, A995 5A, A995 6A;Other:Alloy 20, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy

API 600 Pressure Seal Gate Valve
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