Stainless Steel Metal Seated Ball Valve

EWOM metal seat ball valve protects against high temperatures and pressures found in oil and gas industries and is designed to resist chemicals, abrasion, and other harsh conditions.
EWOM consists of an experienced team who have been manufacturing valves for the past 50 years. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products that are reliable and affordable.
Stainless Steel metal seated ball valve is a type of valve that uses metal seats to seal off the flow in both directions. The two seats are placed on either side of the spindle, and one or more balls are placed on top of them.
EWOM metal seated ball valve offers unbeatable performance in harsh environments. It can withstand high temperatures up to 650°C, or 1200°F, as well as abrasive materials like fly ash, slurry, and pulp.

A variety of techniques are available for hardening parts. You could coat them in nickel, chromium, nitride your stainless steel or PTA weld a stellite component. Or if you prefer something more common to production shops you could use HVOF spray methods for tungsten carbide or chromium plating.
All of our seated valves include floating ball valves from ½” to 10″. They also offer trunnion-mounted valves (2″ to 48″) in different bore sizes,Class 150 to class 2500.

Design code: API 6D;API 608
Fire safe API 607/API 6FA
Floating or trunnion ball type
2-piece or 3-piece construction
Graphite Seated ball valve or metal seated
Full port or reduced port

Stainless Steel Metal Seated Ball Valve
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